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When I say ‘I understand what you’re going through” – it’s because I do. My health journey – this will surprise you!

How I deal with mystery illness, chronic pain &  life and death experiences Its 8 years ago since  I really began struggling with my own serious health challenges. These health challenges came as a shock to me when they happened, but I have since learned about some of the key factors that may have caused

Morning Rituals for a Happy Day. Ritual 1. Appreciation & Bliss

Let me start by saying – I am not what you consider to be a ‘morning person’, in as much as, I consider my morning to be precious.  I rarely make plans to see anyone, or even talk to anyone, until I have had chance to start my day in a conscious way.   I’m

Morning Rituals for a Happy Day: Ritual 2: Listen to something inspiring

During coffee appreciation bliss, I like to listen to something inspiring.  I most often go to YouTube channel – Abraham Hicks – and listen to a Rampage of Appreciation or tune into one of their daily offerings.  Sometimes I listen to a chant, a TED talk, an Arcturian download, a song – it doesnt matter

Morning Rituals for a Happy Day: Ritual 3 Move & Breathe

Welcome back!  So Ive had my coffee bliss, listened to something inspirational, now I’m ready to ‘jump’ out of bed and really get moving into my day.   Now, I just move and breathe more deeply, this might be a few gentle stretches – stretch up deep breath in, stretch down deep breath out. If

Morning Rituals for a Happy Day: Ritual 4 – Shower Time!

See how Im turning these daily routines into morning rituals – its all a matter of perspective!  We all take a shower every morning, so why not create an opportunity for health and happiness!   In the Kundalini yoga tradition, starting the day with a cold shower is part of the daily Sadhana (daily yoga

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