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About Soulistic Holistics
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Soulistic Holistics Hawaii

Acupuncture & Quantum Biofeedback Therapy
Soraya Faris Applegate L.Ac

About Soraya

About SorayaIntroducing Soraya, her professional qualifications and why she is passionate about your health and happiness.


Acupuncture ServicesFind out how Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can restore your natural balance and bring you back to a state of radiant health.

Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Therapy
Learn why this quantum technology is the future of medicine and how it can identify and zap the stresses that are challenging your health.

More Services

Other Services
Soulistic Holistics offers many other healing services: yoga, sound healing, essential oils, Reiki, nutritional therapy and more.


Soulistic Holistics Hawaii

Where ancient healing traditions meet quantum technology for your radiant health & happiness

Aloha, welcome to Soulistic Holistics Hawaii!

Soulistic Holistics is the only health and wellness service of its kind offering the ancient healing traditions of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Yoga, alongside state-of-the-art Quantum Biofeedback technology.

Soulistics Holistics therapies and treatments include:


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Soulistic HolisticsSoulistic Holistics is the fruition of Soraya’s many years of study, passion and practice in the holistic healthcare field. Soraya offers therapies which integrate¬†her years of ¬†experience in Western modalities as a Natural Health Consultant and Life Coach, alongside the Eastern practices of Yoga and Traditional Oriental Medicine. Soraya also incorporate a new paradigm of energetic medicine using state of the art SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Therapy.

Soraya provides a diverse, custom fit and exciting approach to helping you on your path to your most radiant health and happiness. Therapies and services offered at Soulistic Holistics are designed to empower you with ways to reduce stress and restore, nuture and expand your own life force, so you can live a life of passion, happiness and radiant health.

With a clinic location on the Windward side of Oahu, Soulistic Holistics incorporates the spirit of Aloha and the healing mana of Hawaii into all its treatments and services. Please note that the treatment room is on the first floor of Kaneohe Pain Relief Center, which requires an ability to walk up/down stairs (carpeted, with hand rail).

Make time in your day to TREAT yourself to radiant health and let Soraya TREAT you.

Mission Statement

To treat every client with compassion, honesty, and integrity. To provide the highest quality holistic treatments, services and products. To be an uplifting presence in the community. To inspire, educate and empower each client to reach their optimal health and happiness. To raise the vibrational frequency of each individual, the community and the planet, through proven traditional and modern healing modalities.

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

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Soulistic Holistics Hawaii
Acupuncture & Biofeedback Therapy

Kaneohe Pain Relief Center
45-696 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Acupuncture & Biofeedback Therapy