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About the Hawaii Healing Sound School

Hawaii Healing Sound School is a community of sound healers on the island of Oahu. We began in January 2014. We offer monthly classes, covering all aspects of sacred sound healing. Each month we teach a different aspect of sound healing. These classes are taught by the Oahu healing community or we invite renowned specialist sound healers to teach. Each class also incorporates a healing circle which is open to all those who wish to receive the powerful healing sound vibrations.

Hawaii Healing Sound School is also producing a Sound Healing CD, which will be available soon!


Here is a brief outline of our Hawaii Healing Sound School past monthly curriculum:


  • Feb:┬áCalling Oahu Sound healings
  • Mar: Setting healing intentions, sound healing theory, entrainment
  • Apr: Rattles, Shamanic journeying
  • May: Tuning Forks & Nada Yoga
  • June: Voice & Healing Humming
  • July: Gemstone Crystal Bowls
  • Aug: Healing mantras and chants
  • Sept: Symphonic Gongs
  • Oct: Sounds of Nature
  • Nov: Sacred sounds of Egypt, Peru and Cosmic Alignments
  • Dec: Jingle bells and chimes


  • Jan:Hawaiian chants
  • Feb: Sacred Voice
  • Mar: Didjeridoos
  • Apr: Community singing
  • May: Quantum Healing
  • Jun: Raga & Indian Flute
  • Jul: Take Tina

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Didgeridoo Sound Healing Class

Didgeridoo Sound Healing Class (March 2015)

Teaching Tuning Forks Sound Healing Class

Teaching Tuning Forks Sound Healing Class (April 2014)

symphonic gong track

Soraya laying down the symphonic gong track for Hawaii Healing Sound School CD (Dec 2014)

Big Mahalo to the Hawaii Healing Sound School Co Creators: Visionary Katie Fisher, Wayne Bow, Evno Omni, Kristel Fury, Dodi Rose Daniel Gilad (our amazing CD sound engineer) and all the wonderful Teachers and Oahu Healing Sound Community.

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