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Nutritional Therapy

Traditional Wisdom for Healthy Eating

Eating the right foods is integral to good health. In the same way, eating the wrong foods can be a major factor in disease and illness. Our environment also effects our health. Living in Hawaii, which is quite a damp environment, as well as eating a diet which causes dampness in our bodies (fast foods, processed foods and sugar) is a major factor behind health challenges such as: diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and heart disease. Learning to eat healthy foods in a relaxed manner, can prevent and even reverse these common illnesses.

Nutritional/Dietary Therapy at Soulistic Holistics

During your nutritional consultation we will discuss your current diet, eating habits, digestion and elimination. Nutritional and lifestyle advice will be prescribed for overcoming health problems and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, candida, Chrones and hypoglycemia. Specific foods will be recommended for your digestive health and ideal weight goals.

Through successfully treating her own autoimmune diseases with dietary changes, Soraya has expertize and passion for the healing power of particular foods and nutrition plans effective for these diseases. Soraya can create specific meal plans, recipes, shopping lists etc to ease your transition to a healthier diet and help you feel so much better!

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