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Katie Fisher, L.Ac Dip

December 2014

Dear Soraya,
None of us can believe you landed on Oahu a short few years ago, like a Yorkshire accented ‘Glinda the Good’, the Good with a serious streak of badass arriving in a pink thunderstorm of glitter, your head in the stars, your feet on the island, a killer play list and a Yogic jet fueled mission to Hawaii.

You just rocked your way through a 3+ year Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and kept the momentum up right across the NCCAOM finish line to grab that gold ring triumphantly in your grip just before the shortest day of the year 2014, with a little help from beauty, brains, Bella and Bruno – I love the way you roll!

And just like a surfer going pro and training up for bigger waves, you just kept adding to your healing arts quiver! Expanding and sharing and inspiring with your tool kit of Taoist Healing Arts, Kundalini Yoga, herbs and flower gardens, puppy love, etheric essential oils, mantra mojo, harmonious sound bed, quantum biofeedback looping, boogie down dancing, vision board mapping, waterfall hiking, moon blessed elixir mixing, seasonally inspired potions and GONGING glitter everywhere!

You are seriously contagious in blessing everyone around you in your own learning process. Applying LOVE, BLISS & JOY in big doses, right through the midst of lifes’ rollercoaster challenges. You are witnessed and appreciated by an expanding loving community of all kinds of creative friends, bringing together many worlds, accents and roots.

As your very proud acupuncture mentor, tuning fork crystal frequency angel, harmonic healing sound school co creator and original China Town guide, I am now so proud to officially call you a professional Oriental Medicine Practitioner peer!
So, TA DA presenting Doc Soraya Faris Applegate MSOM NCCAOM L.Ac.

    Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Testimonials

    Dr. Keema Cooper

    September 2013

    During my training as a martial artist, I sustained physical injuries. I sought relief from the daily pain through Acupuncture with Soraya Faris. I was very well taken care of by Soraya. Since that first session, I noticed that the pain shifted and greatly subsided. I was able to do yogic poses that typically bother me. I intentionally did all of the poses that I like the least and found that I was able to move in ways I haven’t in years. It felt like I was walking around in a younger body.
    I have seen Soraya for chronic conditions. While the conditions have not completely left my body, I can say that I have felt more normalcy and the dis-eases are more manageable, which is something I could not achieve through conventional, Western medicine. During the Acupuncture sessions, I have enjoyed being able to drift away and take a break from life’s daily stressors. Soraya is always welcoming and takes good care of me. I appreciate her attentiveness and care for my well-being. She is a true gem! Thank you Soraya!

      Keith Applegate

      I was introduced to acupuncture for pain management resulting from knee surgery. I was hooked when I discovered that it dramatically improved mobility by reducing swelling and kept me alert because I no longer needed mind-numbing prescription narcotics to ease my pain.

      Soraya is great with needling and honestly, a procedure that can hurt if done improperly is hardly noticeable with her masterful touch. I recommend acupuncture to anyone who wishes to find an alternative to narcotics and prescription medication in general, and I highly recommend Soraya for anyone who wants an acupuncturist who cares enough to avoid pain to manage pain.

        Bill Self

        I’ve known Soraya for quite a few years now and always enjoyed her wit and energy. So, as she moved through her schooling to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, I would go in for her treatments…The results always blew me away! My job is super physical, I surf daily and try to keep up with my very athletic, teenage daughter. I would come to her with a nagging ailment or a sports related injury and always, always walk out feeling better!…I don’t really know how it all works, I just know it works!

          Kay Self


          It is my privilege to share with you about the excellent acupuncture treatments that Soraya gave me! In addition to successfully treating my allergies, maturing female concerns, back and neck pains, Soraya helped me let go of 20 pounds! I was in a contest with my two best friends to see who could be the ‘Biggest Percentage of Weight Loser!’ With Soraya’s help, I was victorios!

            Sarah Chapman

            April 2015

            I just had my first acupuncture experience ever, with Soraya at Soulistic Holistics Hawaii. It was incredible. She uses different techniques to create such a wonderful healing experience. I felt like I was floating on clouds afterwards. I experienced such incredible deep relaxation. I am looking forward to my next session soon! I really shouldn’t have waited so long to try it out. Thank you Soraya

              David Heiss

              July 2015

              Working with Soraya has been beyond powerful. As I tell her my ailments, she listens carefully and uses her experience, intuition, technology and touch in providing remedies, treatments, lifestyle adjustments, herbs and more. I have seen many good holistic healers in the past 10 years and very thankful for that. Most of them have been very helpful and professional. With Soraya, it’s care, attention and treatment. With a few sessions, she has provided me with insight and remedies no one else has brought to my attention. My ailments run deep and she is helping me dig the roots of my pains. I am most thankful for her and her care. She has provided me a safe space to work on my healing.

                Yvonne Boyd


                One of my clients told me about Soulistic Holistics Hawaii. He said he felt he was like floating when he left. And he was right . I felt wonderful after the Acupuncture treatment. I released a lot of stored up emotions. I recommend Soraya’s treatments to anyone who needs to relief stress and pain.

                  Nicola Boyle


                  I visited Oahu recently from the United Kingdom and after suffering with a number of symptoms decided to treat myself to some acupuncture. So glad I did. Felt fantastic afterwards. Soraya definitely has healing hands. The whole experience from arriving at the clinic to leaving was first class and would recommend a visit. Thanks again!

                    Julie Lewis

                    July 2015

                    I feel alive! My husband treated me to a massage for my birthday and what better place to have it done. It was so good, he even jumped in on my gift and had one too! I was skeptical about acupuncture actually working, but after one session, it has improved my aches & pains – Amazing! Can’t wait for our next treatment. Soraya & Elin are perfect hosts, very knowledgeable with hands of gods. Thank you soooo much!

                      William J Benjamin


                      It is my pleasure to recommend Soraya who has surprised me with a very effective treatment for me concerning my weight management issues…I was there for old man issues…and casually mentioned my problem with over-eating snacks after supper while watching TV, and became overweight. I don’t know what she did, but very much by surprise, my appetite diminished over the next two days, and is still diminished after a week or so…I barely eat during the day, and can’t figure out what I want for dinner anymore either…and the true test, I only ate 1 fudge bar after dinner instead of 3 since her treatment. Wow! Thanks Soraya!

                        SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Therapy Testimonials

                        Naike Zwai, L.Ac

                        October 2014

                        Aloha Soraya,

                        First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to quantum me up! During and after the treatment I noticed a pretty profound fatigue settling over me. The degree of tiredness was uncanny and I could only relate it to some deep restoration affecting my system. I passed out and woke up at 4am with lots of energy, clarity and focus. I felt at peace and as though I had come back to myself, after a sojourn in stressland – or the way today’s sunshine feels after the storm. Perhaps it was all those “excellents” for I really felt my heart energies express freely. It was beautiful and a tremendous relief. Naturally, I am all the more intrigued…

                        Naike Zwai, L.Ac

                          Lydia Primrose Hall

                          December 2014

                          Thank you, thank you, thank you Soraya! When we had our session a few weeks ago I was completely blown away by what you were able to conclude from the biofeedback machine. I am naturally skeptical of most things and need validation if I am to believe anything – and I definitely got validation!

                          There are things the SCIO brought up that not even my husband knew! For example, the immunizations, the chemicals I use at work, even my current craving for raspberries, the emotions I had been strongly experiencing the day before – this all showed up in the session! Instant validation about what is going on in my body.

                          With the confirmation from our session, I was given renewed willpower and motivation to cut out sugar (even though soraya had recommended this from previous acupuncture treatments) seeing it on screen made it real. Now 14 days in and I’m going strong, I have never felt like this. I feel amazing, my symptoms of arthritis and low energy dips have cleared. I truly think you have changed my life and my outlook!

                            Sarah Daigle

                            January 2015

                            After having a treatment by the beautiful Soraya in Kaneohe using the phenomenal Scio Bio-Feedback Technology – Reading my energy levels of just about anything in my body, mind, and etheric body, zapping out frequencies that don’t need to be there any more (including the remaining Lyme’s Disease energetic imprint that was residing in my cells!), and infusing frequencies to enhance my healing process and frequencies that will project me forward in a goal oriented, confident way, AND then getting to sit in her chair that has speakers within it at every chakra point and listen and be vibrated into a blissful state in which reactivated my kundalini…I must say…yesterday afternoon was heaven. I definitely suggest going to have a 2hr treatment from her!

                              Mariko Schmidtauer

                              February 2015

                              An easy, painless and yet powerful session! During the session I became aware that my current health challenges were caused by stress about moving my professional work forward.
                              Through the biofeedback I received the frequency of some herbal remedies, some renewed clarity and a chakra balancing. Within hours of the session, later that day, I received two inspiring work opportunities!

                              I highly recommend Soraya, with her personal and professional approach with this amazing healing tool, which supports us on multiple levels.

                                Savanna Purser

                                Massage Therapist & Quantum Medicine Student

                                Soraya blows my mind with all the healing skills she has learned within the healing arts. Sometimes we will do a session with the Quantum Bio-Feedback machine and I learn endless amounts of information about myself physically, mentally, emotionally and even psychologically. An awakening through this new form of Quantum medicine and my spirit is uplifted from just an hour session and to top it off Soraya has a Sound-Vibration chair that you can sit in while receiving all the healing energy from the Quantum Bio-Feedback machine.

                                The healing continues with Sorayas acupuncture session combined with Moxibustion which is an Ancient Traditional Chinese therapy that uses an aged mugwort stick. I’m a total believer in this healing stick, I immediately feel my channels flowing with energy. Soraya also has gave me an amazing treatment with her crystal sound healing bowls, gongs, and sound tuning forks all of which raise my frequency and align my energy centers to uplift me and cleanse me of the accumulation of the weight of this world. As a healer I am in need of a healing from time to time. I deeply appreciate Soraya for always making the time and opening her doors so graciously for me to melt away into the core of the earth to feel absolutely renewed!

                                  Soulistic Holistic Services

                                  Kristeen Mendoza

                                  November 2011 - January 2014

                                  I have had the pleasure of being treated by Soraya for the past few years. She was able to work wonders on my sciatic nerve pain through her acupuncture treatments while interning at the World Medicine Institute. The day before Thanksgiving Day 2012, I had such severe sciatic pain that I was not going to be able to get up and cook the turkey! Soraya gave me acupuncture which completely took the pain away.
                                  Her essential oil Blessence balms are a favorite of mine for relief of my hand and foot eczema.
                                  I recently received a 2 hour SCIO biofeedback session and was very impressed. The SCIO was able to identify a food allergy that had never been highlighted before. I am currently on an elimination diet for food sensitivities and had not eliminated white wine!

                                  I am looking forward to continued treatments and I can’t wait to see where Soraya’s healing path will lead me!

                                    Shane Hall


                                    Hi – I’m Shane Hall, musician and retired Marine. During my career, I experienced many traumas and had many surgeries. I had the good fortune to visit Soraya a few months after my most damaging and invasive procedure. Up until that point I had never tried eastern techniques to help me heal and regain my heath completely. Soraya has treated me with Acupuncture, aroma therapy, sound therapy, Bio Feedback, and counseling. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world of better living! And I have shown and felt amazing progress. Because of Soraya’s skillful touch and care, all aspects of my life are not only better but I feel I have a deeper understanding of myself and it shows in my music and family life.
                                    I will continue to receive treatment and I strongly recommend Soraya and Soulistic Holistics therapies.

                                      Joan Weherman


                                      Soraya has super powers! My session today included acupuncture, cupping, essential oils, massage, pulse ( including organ) and tongue reading shared with whole lot of love and beautiful smile and uplifting energy. In the background a meditation for world peace starting with me was played to help me set my intentions. A massage table surrounded with nature and beauty. I was blessed with a morning of profound self care. Thank you Soraya! You glitter with talent! Enjoy cacoa, nuts and fruits for dessert.


                                        Nami Nielipinski


                                        As renowned acupuncturists and heads of Hawaii Sound Healing School, Katie and Soraya know how to work the body and the energy field at an upper Masters level, taking into account factual, scientific and statistical information. We learned a lot not only about using the tuning forks but so much more. The location – Puna, the accommodations at Kalani, all of the extra curricular activities and guest healers were simply unforgettable. I look forward to level II for more serious learning, laughing, immersing ourselves in beauty of nature, making friends and healing.

                                          Petronila Tabudlo Blank


                                          Aloha Mai,
                                          The goddesses (Katie & Soraya) of Sound Vibrations led us in a RETREAT for sure! Surrounded by wonderful people, each participant so lovely. The crystal bowl teaching and hands on experience was incredible. The daily Tuning Forks training was amazing – I’ve never experienced them like this before. Our daily Excursions to magical places was so enjoyable. I loved it all and can’t wait for the Level 2 training retreat!

                                            Kris Schofield


                                            As a teacher myself, I especially appreciated the fabulous high quality instruction that Katie and Soraya provided! Seriously, I’ve been to more bad workshops than I can count – yours was wonderful.

                                            Some of the great things that impressed me were:

                                            • Instructors were well prepared, knowledgable and engaged in the curriculum.
                                            • Material was delivered in a sequential manner which moved from simple to complex.
                                            • Voice, vocabulary, gestures and expressions of the presenters were positive, engaging, fun and humorous.
                                            • Presentations included a variety of stillness, movement, sound, silence.
                                            • Guest speakers were fascinating and also well prepared and friendly.
                                            • Length of instruction was not too long – and not too short.
                                            • Audience participation was encouraged in a safe non threatening way.
                                            • All students felt welcome and listened to, regardless of their issues.
                                            • Field trips (including the shower) were a welcome FUN social and educational dessert for a stranger in a strange land.
                                            • My room accommodation was perfect. I loved the no t.v. – no phone feature and the big screened view of the second story jungle. The fan made it bliss.
                                            • The pool was very enjoyable. One of my lifetime best pleasures was swimming nude near midnight and laying out to dry under the full moon in ~80 degree air.
                                            • The dining situation was great – delicious, plentiful, fun and interesting.
                                            • The Kalani grounds were beautiful and interesting.

                                              Elizabeth Krasnoff


                                              At this retreat you will feel in the flow of all that is good: fully cared for, nourished, fed, accepted and surrounded by the most beautiful frequencies of Katie and Soraya. Blending years of study and research with a current map of the field, no matter what you know about sound and healing, you will learn more. Katie brings such a command of the field and real intuitive healing and teaching gifts. Soraya brings divine healing talent, true peace and a magical glittery presence. I highly recommend this sound healing retreat and both of these teachers/healers in their own rights.

                                                Sound Healing Testimonials

                                                Oli, Moksha & Judi

                                                September 2014

                                                Aloha Soraya,
                                                Mahalo for inviting us for a Pisces Full Moon gong bath by a veritable symphonic gong & her muse!

                                                Once we got home, we realized that Oli must’ve been cleared/toned/tuned up, as a result of the gonging because something wonderful happened: She began playing with her Lilikoi Leopard toy that “meows” when she presses one of its paws. This time, however, she began singing along with it, & even tho she likes to sing, she hadn’t spontaneously sang with this toy before. And, OMG, the tones that she sang out were soooo connected clear, pure and purrrfect, like we’d never heard come thru her before!!!

                                                Mahaloha nui loa for this gong bath that even our doggies (& likely all living ones) are able to respond to & receive amazing results from.
                                                What a gift you have, Soraya. Thanks again for sharing!
                                                Oli, Moksha, & Judi!

                                                  Kevin Kaft

                                                  December 2014

                                                  Soraya is dedicated to being the best teacher possible! Her classes are educational, experiential, and really allow the best of everybody to come through.

                                                  Soraya has been instrumental in bringing Kundalini Yoga & Gong meditation to the island of Oahu. Her style is fun and accessible, but also contains a depth of purpose and knowledge to support everyone on their personal path.

                                                    Ruby Koa

                                                    Manager of Inspire Yoga Studio: Bellingham, WA - Aug 2015

                                                    It was so great to have Soraya at our studio recently for her New Moon class! There’s not any other regular kundalini classes besides mine in Bellingham so it was so nice to be a student in her class and to actually get to listen to the gong instead of just being the one playing it! I loved her upbeat way of teaching and hope to someday emulate her seamless way of integrating the current astrology into the class! Thanks Soraya!

                                                      Michele Lei


                                                      My voice is clear, I think you flipped the lid and opened up the chi and loosened up all that stuff that was stuck in there! Im feeling balanced and looking forwad to drinking the special herbal tea you made. Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo for your blessings of aloha. You are so sweet and your kindness is much appreciated! Me ka aloha pumehana.

                                                        Kauakea Winston


                                                        WOW! What a treatment! You are so talented and wise. Lucky us to have you in Kaneohe. I look forward to my next treatment. I have had many acupuncture treatments in the past, but never one with crystal bowl sound healing and Zyme Tech noni massage. You are right about Soulistic Holistics Hawaii being Kaneohe’s best kept secret, but now the word is out! Go see Soraya, you will be so grateful you did!

                                                          Yoshiro Niegi


                                                          I just got the most amazing therapy from Soraya Faris First she did acupuncture on me… My favorite point is the one that keeps me intuned with the universe. Then as a extra treat she did sound healing on me! The most amazing experience. She puts the sound bowls on my back and chimes them. I feel the vibration travel throughout my body. I kid you not I had an out of body experience. Thank you Soulistic Holistic Hawaii.

                                                            Yoga Testimonials

                                                            Lisa Kellert

                                                            July 2014

                                                            Kundalini yoga classes may seem esoteric, strange, and kind of “out there,” because they are, but Soraya makes her classes fun, tangible, even practical in today’s modern world. Whether it’s a full moon yoga class on the beach or in a traditional yoga studio, Soraya creates a space that is warm and welcoming for the experience. She also hosts special events for full and new moon, solstice and equinox, and New Year celebrations, sometimes with special guests and live music.

                                                            Soraya has an uncanny way of leading her class and practitioners through a true journey of epic proportions. She seamlessly guides her classes through movements and music in such an uplifting and energetic way. The gong bath, which concludes many of her classes, is mind-blowing. I am so grateful for having found this amazing yoga instructor, mentor, guide, and friend. I will happily be the first to sign up for whatever class Soraya teaches! Namaste, Sat Nam, Aloha!

                                                              Joan Kellner Wehrman

                                                              December 2014

                                                              Soraya has a wealth of knowledge and resources and a great passion for love, life, laughter, giving, teaching and wellness! She has studied with many gifted teachers and is dedicated in sharing tools that will make our universe inside and out happier and healthier.

                                                              I take Soraya s Kudnalini classes they are amazing! Kundalini is transformational! I feel stronger, centered, connected, tolerant, happier and have better stamina. The light comes back into my eyes and spirit after practice and I am able to navigate life more gracefully. Sorayas classes includes meditation, deep breath work, singing, movement and more. Kundalini tunes your mind, body and spirit. Come experience Soraya’s exuberant energy and build your energy and spirit. I highly recommend all Soraya’s classes.

                                                                Keith Applegate

                                                                I have been attending Soraya’s yoga classes for the last 6 years. Through Soraya’s yoga instruction, I went from requiring 800 mg ibuprofen or more a day and walking around like a man twice my age to bypassing the medicine cabinet altogether and literally running up and down stairs as I did when I was half my age.

                                                                Kundalini yoga teaches that you are as young as your spine is flexible and I am living proof. Sciatica problems, chronic calf muscle pain, stiff back and shoulders, all dissipated in a matter of months through regular yoga practice under her tutelage. Soraya understands that routine exercise can be boring and she does a magnificent job of keeping yoga fun and interesting. No two classes are the same!

                                                                  Marian Yee

                                                                  Nov 2015

                                                                  Soraya embraces, bridges, and melds East and West philosophies. Yoga is not just a 60-minute exercise class, but a complete healing and philosophical way of life that she exemplifies 24 x 7 in her daily dealings.  Only instructor, that I know of, that does color chakras cleansing & Kundalini Yoga on island.
                                                                  Witness her even temperament in problem-solving & your life will start transforming, as you associate with her. Because of this, she has wonderful and nurturing relationships with friends, family, customers/ clients. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, embracing and giving – – – truly loving to the core of her Soul – – –  a great asset to a healer.

                                                                    Natalie Pietre


                                                                    Soraya is a fun, kind, loving, passionate person and yoga teacher. I have been going to Soraya’s yoga classes for over 2 years. Her classes inspired me to take my practice further and take the Kundalini Teacher Training myself.

                                                                    As a teacher, Soraya weaves her passion into her multi layered classes. She combines kundalini yoga, sound healing playing the symphonic gong and crystal bowls. She weaves astrological insights into her classes, celebrating new moon and full moon with specific kriyas. Soraya crafts a holistic class designed to raise the vibration of the body mind and spirit – and it works! When I go to her class, I always leave feeling light and shiny, self-connected and happy.

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