Cupping is one of the world’s oldest medical treatment methods. It quickly relieves sore, stiff muscles and joints, relieves inflammation, aids the lymphatic system and boosts circulation. Cupping therapy is also excellent for treating asthma, coughs and colds and other respiratory illnesses. It can also be used to tonify and strengthen the whole body and improve immunity.

How does Cupping work?

For cupping, a glass or plastic container (cup) is attached to the skin and then a vacuum is created within the cup. This can be done by heating the air in the cup and then quickly placing it on the skin, or by extracting the air with a pump.

The vacuum exerts a pull on the skin and the underlying tissue (the skin gets sucked up a bit into the cup), which relieves pain, relaxes the whole body and improves circulation and metabolism.

Cupping Massage Therapy

Soulistic Holistics also offers a wonderful therapeutic massage treatment using Blessence essentials oils and the cupping method. This massage is beneficial for lymphatic drainage, detoxing, weight loss, great for aching muscles and works wonders on cellulite and tummy toning!

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