Morning Rituals for a Happy Day: Ritual 4 – Shower Time!

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See how Im turning these daily routines into morning rituals – its all a matter of perspective!  We all take a shower every morning, so why not create an opportunity for health and happiness!   In the Kundalini yoga tradition, starting the day with a cold shower is part of the daily Sadhana (daily yoga practice).   Cold showers get the immune system firing on all cylinders!    I start doing breath of fire (rhythmic fast breathing that oxygenates the blood stream) before I get in the shower – my dogs always come check out whats happening here as it sounds pretty funnny!   Breath of fire also helps me adapt more quickly to the cold water and its fun!.   I usually alternate cold/hot water for a few minutes.  We are so lucky in Hawaii that its always warm when we get out of the shower, and i find my water doesnt really get freezing cold either.  This ritual really helps to strengthen and revitalize your immune and nervous system.  Its also super great for your skin!  This morning ritual will make you look and feel younger!

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