Morning Rituals for a Happy Day. Ritual 1. Appreciation & Bliss

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Let me start by saying – I am not what you consider to be a ‘morning person’, in as much as, I consider my morning to be precious.  I rarely make plans to see anyone, or even talk to anyone, until I have had chance to start my day in a conscious way.   I’m lucky that I have manifested a self employed work situation that gives me this flexibility, but my rituals are simple and could be condensed to suit any morning schedule.

My morning starts with a cup of coffee!  Oh yes it does – contrary to probably all other posts written by holistic therapists – I’m telling you like it is!  I have a traditional Italian stove top espresso machine, which I set up the night before, so in the morning, I just come down to the kitchen, turn on the stove and sit quietly as the coffee perculates and the voodoo aroma of coffee fills the air.   I love it!   I take my coffee back up to bed, the lanai doors are open, the fresh air and bird songs fill my room and I am so thankful, so grateful, so filled with appreciation for this scene and this coffee, and the start of this new day – and thats Step 1 of a morning ritual – appreciation and enjoyment of the bliss of this new day.  So, you dont need to start your day with a cup of coffee if thats not your bliss, but however you start your day – do it mindfully and with your full appreciation – starting your day with this attitude of gratitude will start you off in the right direction for a happy succesful day.

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