Types of Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback Therapy


This program reduces the stresses which cause premature aging. Biofeedback frequencies stimulates immune function, destroys pathogens, detoxifies free radicals, rejuvenates the skin and balances hormones.

Auto Color Therapy and Music Program

This program offers an interactive color therapy to the client by presenting the color that will enhance the person’s healing ability at that time. This is a quick and fun therapy which can be added to any program.

Dental Program/TMJ

This panel scans the jaw and each tooth for energetic imbalance. It treats muscle functions associated with TMJ and provides dental related therapies such the “Cavity Zap” function. There is also the capability for pain diminishment or trauma correction.

Homeopathic Activation Program

This program consists of over 3,000 homeopathic substances, essential oils and crystal energies. It presents the body with a holo-linguistic energetic of a remedy, thus stimulating the body to produce its own healing response.

Homotoxicology Program

This program provides insight into how the body needs to detoxify. The system will test and provide panels with information on the nature of the toxicity, the problem of pathogens, inherited energetic disturbances and behaviors that interfere with detoxing. It presents the phase of illness and the tissues that have been effected by toxins. These problems are treated directly from this panel. The “detox” button provides and additional magnetic pulse that shakes the free radicals to increase the detoxing process.

Hormone Balance

The Scalar program works with the hormone and endocrine systems creating balance and flow of the energies within the corresponding organs, tissues, and cells. Hormone balance is one of the main keys to radiant health for men and women of all ages.

Emotional Balancing

This panel allows for energetic reprogramming of our emotional energy. It shows the emotions that are highly reactive or under reactive, showing which of our emotions are having a physiological effect on our health! It can reveal the age in which specific emotional frequencies became out of balance and the biological connection to the ‘trauma’. The clients emotional state of health is shown in an actual chart (see right image), clearly showing the emotions which are currently stressing the physiology of the body. Most clients love to see their emotional chart!

emotional balancing

Emotional Balancing Chart
Click on image to enlarge.

Nutritional and Herbal Program

Taking your herbs and supplements the Quantum Way! This program provides insight into nutritional disturbances. It measures the body’s reactivity to specific foods, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, supplements etc.
It provides the option of correcting these disturbances while delivering the frequency that balances nutritional excess or deficiencies. Thousands of Chinese, Western and Ayurverdic herbal formulas are programmed into the SCIO and the healing frequency of these formulas can be offered to the client.

Spinal Energetic Evaluation

This system pinpoints energetic disturbances in each vertebrae then evaluates and corrects the Neuro Emotional Connection specific in each spinal vertebrae.

Sports Therapy

This program can be used to detect and treat inflammation and injuries as well as stimulate muscle flexibility and oxygen stimulation. This program enhances your fitness training! Perfect for athletes, anyone who competes in sports and all who have a desire to develop their fitness levels.

Timed Therapies

Here we can program longer timed therapies in areas such as Degeneration, Injury, Pain, Metabolic repair, Hormonal, Neurological, Relaxation & Sleep, Digestive, Feel Good, Balance Blood sugar, Oxygenation, Muscle building, Flexibility, Co-ordination, Immune Stimulation, Chronic Fatigue, Anti-inflammation, Fibrositis, Intellect Stimulation, Autonomic Nervous System, Learning Disability Repair. Programs can be set to run for several hours, even overnight.

Risk Profile and Virtual Doctor

This panel calculates the average risk of forty risk states. The risk scores are insightful for overall disease pattern recognition. When “Virtual Doctor” is activated it reveals hints connected with the risk of concern and allows direct access to individually treat items related to the significant risk state.

Super Learning Therapy

This programme helps to enhance memory, logistical thinking, mathematical and language skills. I personally used this therapy whilst studying for my NCCAOM acupuncture board exams – I passed all exams first time!

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