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This is Soraya’s Tantric Numerology Reading:

Numerology Reading for July 22, 1964

“A mover and a shaker!” “Sing out loud!”

Soul of 4
You can be indecisive under stress. You often say to yourself, “Well, I don’t know, I’m not sure, let me think about it.” If you get your neutral mind to work for you then you will become more decisive,so that the accurate answer to any problem will come to you immediately. If the 4 in the soul position is working, then you are able to hear your own “inner voice” and you will be totally sure of decisions. The solution is to activate the Neutral Mind. The Neutral Mind is the essence of your own inner identity. If you live in your neutral mind and higher consciousness then everyone will love to just be near you so that they can feel the blessing of your presence.

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Karma of 7
You can often feel overwhelmed by the external world. You may walk into a group of people with a speech completely prepared, and then be unable to speak at all. There is so much input coming in that it tends to totally confuse your mind. This can undermine your confidence in yourself. The solution is to strengthen your projection so that you can walk into any situation or environment and feel totally centered and confident, no matter how much confusion or negativity may be present. With a strong projection, no negativity can affect you. You will not only feel elevated yourself, but you will be able to elevate all those around you and uplift any situation.

Gift of 10
The key to accepting your GIFT is to connect with your soul. You cannot accept and use your gift unless you feel that you deserve it. Remember, this gift is already yours. Relax, use it and enjoy it. Your gift is to be a mover and a shaker. You will have the radiance and projection to get things done quicker than anyone else. You are a natural leader, a commander. Your radiance, and royal bearing will cause others to listen to you. Your gift is to be able to do your work with such zest that the very project itself will manifest your radiance. This gift means that whatever you apply yourself to in your life will become totally radiant. If you keep up on a spiritual path your special gift will manifest very strongly.

Destiny of 2
If you have made the choice to live a spiritual lifestyle and to work on yourself, other people will always see you as an easy person to talk to, an easy person to connect with, someone who has a level head about relationships, a real friend. In this way you will be of great service to your community.

Path of 4
Your path is service. In order for you to be in tune with your own divinity, to feel totally successful and fulfilled, you must dedicate your life to the service of others. Humility and service are the keys to your happiness. Seeking to fulfill your own needs will ultimately always lead you to failure. It is through serving others that all of your own needs and desires shall be totally and completely fulfilled.

Suggested Kriyas

Suggested Kriyas
To Master the Fourth (Neutral Mind) Body
In order to work on and strengthen your neutral mind, you can do the following yogic techniques:

  • Do the meditation, “Shabd Kriya”
  • Do the “Exercise Set for the Lungs and Bloodstream”
  • Sing the mantras of Guru Ram Das: “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru”.

Master the Seventh (Auric) Body
In order to work on and strengthen your aura, you can do the following yogic techniques:

  • Do the exercise set “Balancing the Aura”
  • Do the “Meditation for the Divine Shield”
  • Do the exercise set, “Strengthening the Aura”
  • Sing! Sing out loud, often and joyfully. Elevate others with your singing.
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