What is SCIO Biofeedback Therapy?

Body Electric Biofeedback Therapy

An example of an energy map from a Biofeedback Therapy session.

SCIO Biofeedback is a state of the art, energetic medicine device that deducts and reduces all types of stress on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our bodies. These are the stresses that can cause illness, disease and unhappiness.

The revolutionary EPFX-SCIO Biofeedback Device was created by Professor Bill Nelson, NASA scientist, acupuncturist and homeopath. Bill Nelson turned his scientific genius to the field of medicine and health after the birth of his first-born son Daniel, who retreated into the world of autism as result of an anti-nausea drug his wife took while pregnant.

During a biofeedback session, the SCIO scans the body at the speed of a computer detecting everything that is causing stress to the body’s systems. During the test, over 12,000 frequencies challenge the body and these can be simplified into different categories including: food extracts, allergens, toxins, virus, bacteria, disease, parasites, worms, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones, emotions, biorythyms, spiritual energies, diseases, organs, homeopathics, geopathics, chakras, genetics, chromosomes, vertebrae, muscles and so on. From these initial test results, excesses and deficiencies which cause stress to the body can be determined. The biofeedback device measures those electrical reactions and provides stress reduction programs specifically suited to each client’s needs. The biofeedback therapy stimulate the body’s own self-healing capacity.

The main premise of quantum biofeedback therapy is that the body is electric in nature, intelligent, and has the ability to heal itself if the right stimuli or conditions are provided. As the client becomes more aware of the stresses which may have been unknown to them, they begin to reeducate the bodies inate healing potential, utilizing bio-electrical frequencies emitted from the EPFX-SCIO and the body begins to make the necessary changes to improve its wellness.

Disclaimer: SCIO Quantum Biofeedback System is not designed to diagnose, heal or cure. It is used for whole body stress detection and reduction.

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