What Happens in a Biofeedback Session?

Biofeedback Therapy Software
Length: A typical biofeedback session will take 90-120 minutes.

The client is totally comfortable, usually on a reclining chair or massage table. Sensor straps connected to the machine are placed around ankles, wrist and head. That’s it! Completely non-invasive and pain free!

There is a short intake in which I ask a few questions about your overall health and lifestyle. The initial SCIO HEALTH ASSESSMENT testing scan takes about 15 minutes. After that, the results are discussed in as much or little detail as you would like!


The immediate results from the SCIO HEALTH ASSESSMENT TESTING show the current state of your cellular vitality, your self healing potential and overall state of health.
This initial evaluation is called VARHOPE, an acronym for:

  • Voltage: Reflects adrenal function and will power
  • Amperage: Reflects brain function and life force
  • Resistance: Reflects overall health, immunity, inflammation, degeneration and ease of energy flow
  • Hydration: Reflects fluid absorption in the cells
  • Oxidation: Ease of oxygen flow in the body and cells and correlates to cellular vitality and oxidative stress
  • PH: Reflects acid /alkaline balance.
  • EP: Electron pressure or electrons available for energy production in cells

SOC score: This indicates your self healing potential.

Once the results of this initial health assessment have been discussed, Soraya will help the client choose the most valuable biofeedback therapies for that session.

Nathan Toler (Positive Energtics) is a SCIO practitioner in Haleiwa, Oahu.
He has a PHD in Quantum Energetics and teaches SCIO therapy.

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